It is about sustainability, climate change, nature conservation and thus about our future. Nature shows us again and again that we are only guests on earth. But do we also behave like guests? Not always, certainly not considerately enough. 

Because the consequences of environmental pollution are becoming more and more obvious. Dying forests, polluted water, extinct animal species and a dangerous climate change.   

These circumstances are not always present in all minds and are far too often ignored, at least forgotten. For this reason, the  photo artist  Kristian Liebrand wants to draw attention to the importance of an intact environment and raise awareness with his photo art project "nude for nature".   

Water & Soils

Protection against pollution from chemicals and waste such as microplastics

Climate & AIR

Reduce CO2. Stop global warming.  


Animal welfare for biodiversity. Less meat consumption.


Healthy forests and plant diversity.

  • More environmental awareness
  • 100 new green electricity users
  • 1,500 new planted trees
  • 5,000 € environmental protection donations
  Your 3 ways to help now


Donate at least 50,- € (tax deductible) directly to one of these organizations:

Green electricity

Switch to 100% clean green power with your current provider or to another clean electricity supplier.

Plant trees

Plant trees via one-tree-planted.org 
for at least 50,- €.


We give you the gift of nude art photography picture book    
"nude for nature - 1st edition". 
Publication date: end 2022/beginning 2023 
Please send us proof (donation receipt or tree certificate from 11/2021 or confirmation of current switch to green electricity) to info@aktfotostudio-nrw.de with the subject "think green". We will then add you to the waiting list and inform you as soon as the book is shipped (expected December 2022).

Your data will only be used to process the book shipment and, if applicable, for an invitation to the "nude-for-nature" vernissage. Your data will not be passed on to any other third parties. 

Climate-neutral printing and free shipping within Germany. Foreign countries possible if you pay the shipping costs.
Limited edition - only while stocks last, no legal claim.

"​The project has inspired me to make our office even more climate-friendly. We have now switched to 100% green electricity, use more climate-friendly means of transport and consume less paper through even more digitalization. For this project, we are donating trees in the Hesse State Forest."

Philipp Bartholomé, ​attorney-at-law

"​Small changes can make a big difference. My business gets clean electricity from hydropower and my private household is now also supplied with green electricity. Thanks to new hardware and software, we now work with significantly less paper. To offset CO2, we plant trees . Thanks for the food for thought."

Frank Kissing, ​water damage restoration

"​Promoting good ideas, especially when it comes to such an important topic, is a matter close to our hearts. With environmentally friendly heating systems, solar panels and new energies such as fuel cells, our company is bringing greater energy efficiency and climate neutrality to hundreds of households. I'm happy to support this project to inspire even more people to live in a healthier world."

Heinz Hasenkamp, CEO of Hasenkamp GmbH

"​​To accompany people on their private and professional way to more consciousness, is my passion and profession. Kristian Liebrand's projects are close to my heart, because they show us very elementary things in a beautiful and at the same time pointed way. They make us aware of what we so often overlook and thus touch us and our sense of responsibility in the most positive sense. For myself, nude-for-nature has led me to donate tree plantings from each of my fees - thank you so much for this beautiful inspiration! Thank you for this beautiful inspiration! "

Prof. Dr. Lioba Werth, ​psychologist, coach and author